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Our Story
We enjoyed a big play outside in the front and side yards this morning.
We enjoyed playing with:
- Cars in the sandpit
- Food equipment in the sandpit
- Bikes
- Musical instruments
- Books
- Swings
- Pirate ship
- Garden area
- Forte
Johnny, Eva, Olivia G and Lucy loved swinging on the swings. Mia, Jacob and Sebastian loved exploring in the garden with all the superheros from Junior Kindy. Olivia S and Rio were balancing on the balance beams. Caesar, Oliver H, Mason W and Chase were all trying to catch Miss Lauren after she was playing tag with them.
It was now time to make our way inside to start our big fun filled day. The children made a line at the gate and waited for all our friends to join them. We then made our way inside and sat quietly on the mat after a big drink of water and putting all our belongings away. Miss Lauren started the group time by saying a big good morning to all of her friends then, one by one she went through the interest sheet and said good morning to each child. The interests today were:
Mia – reading
Olivia S – watering plants and cutting shapes
Eva – camping and playdough
Oliver H – trucks and baby
Lucy – dancing
Oliver G – mermaids and dress ups
Mason W – camping
Rio – motorbikes
Layla T – paw patrol and playdough
Axl – snakes
Johnny – trucks and cars
Layla F – paw patrol
Chase – snakes
Ava – babies
Antonia – balls
Caesar – cars
Sebastian – crocodiles and snakes
Jacob – trucks
After we had gone through our interests it was now time to sit down for morning tea. We enjoyed having coconut and orange jelly with watermelon and banana.
It was then time to explore our room and play with our favourite toys.
Our activities today were:
- Lego
- Home corner
- Babies
- Book corner
- Building blocks
- Cars
- Trucks
- Loose parts area
- Camping area
- Painting the black night sky for our camping area
- Making marshmallows for the fire
Jacob, Sebastian and Mason W were pretending to sleep inside the tent. Jacob was patting Mason like we do at kindy. Rio and Layla F were cooking on the bbq and in to pans. Mia was also cooking on the bbq with help from Axl. Ava loved relaxing in the camp chairs. Oliver H, Olivia S and Layla T loved using their fine motor skills when playing with the puzzles. Antonia, Sebastian, Johnny, Layla F, Olivia S, Jacob, and Eva loved painting the night sky. Lucy loved exploring the letters in the small parts area. Chase was driving the diggers around the floor collecting wood. Johnny, Sebastian, Lucy, Oliver H and Caesar were building with the lego. Olivia G, Antonia, Layla T, Rio, Mason, Oliver H, Ava, Mia and Olivia S loved making and cooking pretend marshmallows.
It was now time to pack away all of our toys and get ready for a quiet reading time with Miss Mona. The children all sat down on the mat and waited for Miss Mona to get our special books.
It was then time to go and wash our hands, find our drink bottles and sit at the table while we waited for our yummy lunch.
For lunch, today we enjoyed making our very own chicken and salad wraps. The children were able to tell Miss Mona and Miss Lauren what they would like in their wrap. We all enjoyed eating the lunch today. We then headed to bed and all either rested or had a sleep.
After we had woken it was time to put our sunscreen on, wash our hands and sit at the tables for afternoon tea. We enjoyed popcorn and fresh fruit.
It was now time to go outside for a play in the pirate ship yard.
Thankyou for a great day Senior Kindy.
Miss Lauren and Miss Simona.

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