We started off our afternoon with our lovely friend Amali telling us all about her new little brother Lennox. Mum and bub are both doing well and we cant wait to have a cuddle when he comes to visit on day soon. Congratulations to Amali’s lovely family.

Noah then showed us his box with his special egg inside that he had to look after without breaking so he designed a box with foam inside and managed to keep the egg safe.



IMG_6300[1] IMG_6302[1]

Holly showed us her chewing gum slime which is the new craze at the moment and is just wet chewing gum apparently.


Summer was very proud to show us her spell-a-thon certificate as she did very well and really enjoys spelling and learning new and harder words.


We had a nice break form footy & soccer today as Mr Sam brought a volley ball net to teach our ASC friends how to play and that will be a game of choice for the next few weeks on Wednesday. Slater & Kai were proud to show the children how to serve and play as they have been playing in the Bellvue competition teams for a few years now.

Mr Sam said that Myles was the star of the day as he was very good at it and seems to be very good at all of the sports we have tried so far. Payton was also very capable of getting the ball over the net to the other team.

The boys all really enjoyed it and worked together well as a team.

IMG_6311[1] IMG_6314[1] IMG_6317[1]

Extending again on the children’s spooky interests today we made monsters out of paper plates, feather, pom poms, cardboard, goodly eyes and lots of coloured small materials. There was a lot of cutting out of teeth, funny ears and hair. And as always glue everywhere.


Eli loved his monster and cant wait to see them all up on the wall in the morning. Indi-Anna was also very proud of hers as she put a lot of work into it.

IMG_6320[1] IMG_6324[1]

Our lovely little friend Mason enjoyed the craft today and was proud to have cut out his own monster teeth.

Axl enjoyed learning how to cut & paste also and design his own monster without much help at all from our teachers.

Our new friends Hunter & Stella really enjoyed their afternoon with us and we loved having them too. Our room is starting to fill with our spooky art now as we find nwe fun things to make everyday. Thank goodness for google.

IMG_6323[1] IMG_6321[1]

Our roll call helpers today were Xavier & Indi and they did a great job considering we still had lots of friends with us coming back to the Centre.


We had to have a BIG safety talk when we returned the Centre as some our friends did not make the right decisions when crossing the road. This made Miss Jeni & Miss Maddy quite worried and sad as we have had many talks and our friends should all be doing the right thing when it comes to such an important thing.

After our talk we all agreed that maybe we needed an afternoon just relaxing and watching a movie all together and also time to think about what we had talked about so we watched the great new movie Monster Trucks which everyone loved.

Have a lovely night.




Written by Outside School Hours Care