What a lovely afternoon we had today with our delightful ASC friends. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Mr Hartley this afternoon and he ran through some rules for us to follow at ASC. 2 important rules were that we are not to kick balls up in the tuck shop area and also not to run on the concrete. These are Bellvue rules and he asks that we please follow them at ASC also.

Summer and Indigo love spending time with each other as they are best friends and love their new toys. Indigo called her new bunny Rainbow.

Jade & Olivia spent some time reading books together.


Bronte was thrilled to have some time with her friend Mila while her brother was at the dentist and were showing each other their plastic frames that they made.


The children were excited to take part in our Easter colouring in competition. They are thrilled to hear that their are yummy Easter treats as prizes and are looking forward to seein their hard work on display up on the wall in our room. We are going to ask Miss Kylie if she would like to be the judge of the competition and chose one picture from each year. Jess & Linden put a lot of effort into theirs and its going to be a tough decision as Mali, Ashley & Angelique also did a beautiful job. Payton, Ayoka, Axl, Eli, Savannah & Bronte still have theirs to finish as they want to make sure theirs are awesome. Most of our friends enjoyed colouring in today and we are going to encourage all of our BSC & ASC friends to participate as we’d love to colour our wall with their beautiful art.

IMG_5295[1] IMG_5294[1] IMG_5293[1] IMG_5292[1]


IMG_5310[1] IMG_5311[1]

Our finished pictures so far.

We loved having Miss Kristy back from maternity leave and she enjoyed spending time chatting with everyone and seeing what they had been up to over the last year. They were interested to hear that her little boy is 1 already. WOW how time fly’s.

Kye & Callan had a fun game of kick the soccer ball up and down the hill to each other while Noah, Seth, Jess, Mali, Ash, Gabriel, Myles, Axl, Leo, Payton, Tristain, Blair, Levi, Indigo,

Seth, Payton, Noah, Linden, Ethan & Slater also enjoyed playing handball.


While we were colouring in Miss Jen asked Miss Roya where she was from ans she said Iran. The children asked where that was and she replied it’s in the middle of the world. Miss Jen loves learning new languages so she asked how we say “hello” ? and she answered “Salam” Angus then said I can speak Japanese and proceeded to count to 10 in Japanese. Well done Angus. We then continued our conversation while Miss Jen googled other languages. The children were very interested in learning so we have decided to work on some languages with them. Today we learnt to say hello in Arabic, Thai, Croatian, French, New Zealand, Hawaiian and Jade & Mali enjoyed coming to office with Miss Jen while she typed, printed & laminated them to put up on display in our room. We will do more each day and would love any suggestions from families that may be from other places all over the world.

Hunter was thrilled to win a prize today !! After roll call Miss Jen who can guess how many children we have Mali called out “38” Hunter said “25” and he was bang on. Good Guess Hunter.

Back at the Centre Halle, Ayoka & Jade had a wonderful time with the pretty pom poms and Halle is pretty sure her tooth is going to fall out tonight. We hope the tooth fairy visits you tomight.

The boys enjoyed playing Minecraft and after Slater came back from footy training he helped vacuum and then started his colouring in.

IMG_5307[1] IMG_5308[1]

Have a lovely night. Miss Jen,  Miss Kristy & Miss Roya.

Written by Outside School Hours Care