Daily correspondence Kindergarten 1 13-9-17

On Monday we began introducing sign language to the group. The children were introduced to sign “no and yes”. Today during our morning group time we were joined by Arden’s mum who introduced us to some new signs. The group showed Arden’s mum the two signs which we had learn  and were introduced to some more, “play and thank you”. During the next few weeks we are planning on building up our knowledge on the use of sign language.

“Animals around the world”…. Yesterday Macy spoke to use about the Savannah desert. Today during our morning group time we used the large world map to identify different parts of the world and find out where some animals come from. Turns were taken to place animals upon the map. Our animal figurines were placed upon the art table today after lots of suggestions during our planning discussion bout drawing. Yesterday we observed lots of friends drawing animals.

Today the textas were used to create depictions of animals. The children are demonstrating a strong interest towards pre writing behaviours, with many asking how to write the name of the animal which they had drawn. It is so wonderful to observe and see the children interact with and explore pre writing behaviours in personally meaningful ways through activities of interest to them. Lots of imagination was fostered in the home area as Georgia, Lola, Emelia and Sienna engaged in imaginative play with one another, discussion roles of animals which they played. Lots of challenge and thinking was fostered at our numeracy table as a puzzle supporting STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts was introduced.

Lots of time was spent at the tray throughout the morning as the activity was worked on. A small group time was implemented later during the morning in support of literacy and communication. Some cards from the story “Brown Bear” were used to recall the story and support prepositional language and concepts. Some animal shapes were set out with the playdough today. Lots of fine motor skills were refined as many friends spent some time interacting with the playdough throughout the morning. Charlie enjoyed some solitude in the Science area as he spent some time looking through a book about wildlife. Charlie identified a page depicting a range of crocodiles, where he spent time looking closely at the illustrations and talking about each illustration. Please return to the family information sheets as soon as possible for them to be attached to your child’s transition Statements.

Thank you. Have a good afternoon.

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Written by Kindy1