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Today we had a busy day filled following all the babies’ interests. Charlottes interest was twinkle little star, Jussie was interested in diggers, Austin interest was waterplay and Sofia’s was home corner and kitchen play.

We combined all these interests in a toddler outdoor play time.

We had the sand kitchen with water to make some great sandcastle we had digger trucks and wet sand for cement,

The children enjoyed the wet sand, and mixing water and sand together.

There was lots of digging and mixing and exploring. Jack was enjoying the different textures.

Jussie Sofia and Austin were all was exploring the ideas of empty/full, heavy/light, wet/dry with miss Naomi would was playing alongside them, narrating their play.

Felicity was practicing her fine motor skills by drawing pattern and shapes in the sand with her fingers. Charlotte was developing her imagination by doing some pretend cooking. They enjoyed their time learning to communicate or cooperate by group play together.

All the babies enjoyed their sandwiches and vegetable puree for lunch and all settled to sleep quickly except for charlotte who was singing twinkle little star at the top of her lungs in the cot room- she thought it was so funny, we had a giggle felicity clapped her singing in the cot, then rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

This afternoon we had another group time Miss Alison read some stories to us at group time.  Everyone enjoyed spots toys book. Miss Alison read the book twice once as the story and the other time using conversational reading. The first time they all sat quietly listening and watching the second-time same book completely different response. They made noises, answered questions, located different toys and then found the same toys in our room. The amount of language that was being taken in with the same book was amazing.

They all enjoyed being an active part of the story we then all and sang twinkle twinkle little stars with hands actions. Terrace knows all the actions and isn’t shy to show us all.

We then had some hand puppets and talked about our book of shapes. Looking and pointing at the different shapes.

Jack F is our little climber now. He climbed up everywhere especially the couch and the fort outside. He is so confident now with all his movements. He is loving being upright and developing his strength for some walking sooner than later.

We all enjoyed some painting of twinkle stars that we will laminate and be a felt board story. Felicity was so excited and was going crazy finger-painting and singing.

Later, in the afternoon we had also dancing with Frozen music and lots of songs. Jussie, Sofia and Austin enjoyed the hokey pokey song.

Was a fun day again today!!


Written by babies room